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Editor Profiles

Akila Sridhar, Editor

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New Content ItemAkila Sridhar obtained her PhD from the University of Aberdeen, UK (funded by Cancer Research UK), has a further three years postdoctoral experience as an EMBO Long-term Fellow at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), Portugal. She has worked on understanding the development of neurons and their contribution to the emergence of walking behaviour, in Drosophila. Her interests cover molecular genetics, cellular biology, biochemistry, developmental biology and telomere biology. After over eleven years of research experience, mainly as a molecular biologist, working with different model systems, she joined the BMC Series as a Locum Editor in September 2018. She has been the Editor of BMC Developmental biology since February 2019 and is based in Springer Nature’s London office.

Elizabeth Debney, Assistant Editor

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New Content ItemElizabeth Debney graduated from Imperial College London in 2017, with a BSc in Biochemistry. She is currently the Assistant Editor for BMC Plant Biology, BMC Endocrine Disorders and BMC Developmental Biology. Elizabeth joined the BMC Series in June 2019 and is based in Springer Nature's London office.

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